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Dog Training & Fitness


  • Custom training & fitness program available for your dog!
  • For puppies 6 months or younger I offer private puppy training!
  • Playful & fun training visits!
  • Private puppy and dog basic training available by the hour or a 4 week program!
  • Positive training methods!


Rescued Heart Pet Care was born from a passion for pets, and a love for training and exercise and is dedicated to enriching the lives of all pets. I offer: Dog Exercise, Puppy & Adult Basic Training and Dog-Behavior Consultations. 

There are many different terms used to describe positive training techniques: positive reinforcement, reward-based, force-free, and more. What proponents of all of these interrelated philosophies have in common is a shared belief that it is much safer, more effective and humane to teach animals using the overarching concept that if you reward a behavior you like, it is more likely that that behavior will be repeated. Similarly, if you ignore or redirect a behavior you do not like, it is more likely that incidences of that behavior will decrease. Combine these concepts with the awareness that dogs are not wolves trying to dominate us to achieve ‘top dog’ status, and therefore do not need to be controlled using dominance-based punishment techniques, and you have the recipe for positive training.

To Get Started:

  • Schedule your free home visit consultation. It gives me a chance to meet you and your dogs.
  • You will be sent an invitation by email to create your account in our software. You can add/edit service information or schedule/cancel training visits. 


  • Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Please note these are service hours and messages are checked regularly. Hours based on availability.

We provide dog training & fitness in the following zip codes; 32825, 32827, 32828, 32829 and 32832. Call 407-917-1738 today to schedule a  free consultation. Provide your information and I will call you to schedule a meeting at your convenience.

Dog Training & Fitness

I provide personalized dog fitness and training to my clients and their pets in 32825, 32827, 32828, 32829, 32832